Heteroclito, a wine destination in the historical centre of Athens, where one can get to know and taste the Greek vineyard and the Greek Wine Brands. Follow the wine routes around Greece, discover the best out of all local varieties –known, famous, special, rare, different, unique and unknown ones- try a glass of wine made by Greek producers, find your favorite labels among known brands and expand your wine horizons tasting wines from new, promising producers who recommend new wine experiences.

In heteroclito Greek wine varieties meet their tastemate matching with the local variety of cheeses, cold cuts and meze accompaniments. The wines participate thus in interesting taste games with the local products. Differing tastes are combined to bask in maximum wine drinking pleasure, in a place unique of its kind in the city.

Recently the Forbes magazine proposed heteroclito in its article titled “10 Reasons To Love Athens This Summer”. Also, Huffington Post suggests heteroclito as one of “The Best Spots To Eat And Drink In Athens”. In heteroclito wine stands for culture, knowledge and affordable pleasure. 
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Greek Vineyard heteroclito