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wine by the glass / September 2021 aperitif 150 ml PARANGA SPRITZ A refreshing aperitif that combines the dry sparlking wine Paraga and the Kytherian artisan liquer Fi, based on citrus fruits. € 7.00 STRESA Mavrodaphne spirit (40% vol) with Three Cents Aegean Tonic, cherry tomatoes and rosemary. € 8.00 sparkling 150 ml ADAGIO Ilia, Peloponnese Bubble’s Symphony / Sideritis / 2020 Enjoyable semi sparkling wine (reducing sugars 6 gr/liter), rem- iniscent of notes in a pentagram of wine, as the namesake sug- gests, from the variety of northwest Peloponnese, Sideritis. The winemaker employs the method of second fermentation in a stainless steel pressurised tank (widely known as charmat). € 5.50 white 150 ml TAXIDEFTIS Aitoloakarnania, central Greece Karageorgos Organic Vineyards / Malagouzia / 2020 The widely loved aromatic variety comes from, according to agronomists, the region of Aitoloakarnania. Whilst seeking wineries in the area, we tasted this organic Malagouzia, which left the best impressions. Medium intensity white flesh fruit aro- mas, stone core fruit and quince, with herbal notes. Medium body, pleasant acidity, enjoyable aftertaste. € 4.50 BEGLERI Ikaria island, Aegean sea Tsantiris Winery / Begleri / 2020 At Ano Proespera (400 meters alt), in a picturesque “balcony” with view of the crystal blue Aegean as far as the eye can see, we find stretching for 50 acres the organic vines, cultivated tra- ditionally in berms and the winery of the hospitable Kostas Tsan- tiris. Citrus fruit aromas with herbal hints, medium body, fruit flavour and white flower aftertaste. € 5.00 VOSTILIDI Kefalonia island, Ionian sea Sarris Winery / Vostilidi / 2020 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites The resilient variety of Vostilidi -with behaviour matching of a red grape, gives sturdy wines and in the hands of good wine- makers, has great results. Panos Sarris chose to age it in Aus- trian 2 ton foudre (2.200 bottles total production), without additives and intervention. Strict on the nose, demanding time to unfold the rich aromatic character, with predominant roasted almonds and hints of flint stone. The palate exchanges green apple with apple geranium and finishes on mineral hints. € 6.50 SANTORINI FAMILIA Santorini island, Aegean sea Ηatzidakis Winery / Assyrtiko / 2020 Low intervention, low sulfites Haridimos Hatzidakis was part of an important generation of winemakers which grew to prominence under the Boutaris fam- ily, at the end of the ’80s. During the two decades vinifying his own wines, he established a style that grew to be loved, in every corner of the planet. Today his daughters, along with a dynamic new team of oenologists, continue the legacy Haridimos left for them, imprinting in their wines the unique terroir the vines of santorini grow in. Freshly squeezed lime with hints of minerality, characteristic of the island’s wines. Refreshing citrus fruit flavour, sharp acidity, aftertaste with hints of flint stone. € 9.00 (also available at 75ml for € 5.00) ΡΟΖΑΚΙ OAK FERMENT Kavala, eastern Macedonia Tsikrikonis Winery / Rozaki / 2020 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites The white variety of Rozaki (named Kerino at different places), which can be found in limited quantities in the Aegean islands, Eastern Macedonia and Crete is very interesting. It's an edible variety, which is also allowed for vinification. Theodoros Tsirikonis pas- sionately fights to promote it, from a 60+ years old vineyard with a yield of 500 kilos/acre. Natural vinification, barrel fermentation, and unfiltered bottling. Curry aromas, spicy flavour, aftertaste of freshly ground pepper. Total production of 597 bottles. € 8.00 orange 150 ml RODITIS A-GRAFO Karditsa, Thessaly Kontozisis Organic Vineyards / Roditis / 2020 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites The persistent winemaker Andreas Kontozisis consistently uses mild methods in the vine as well as the winery. Few know of him in Greece (an associate of heteroclito since 2018), but his wines are especially loved by the “naturalists” of the U.S.A.. This single vineyard Roditis comes from the Dafnospilia area of eastern Agrafa. Part of the stems are left during the whole fermentation process in the tank for 2 months, a different quantity is left for 6 months and a small portion is left in clay amphora(0,50 volatile acidity). Freshness and plenty of fruit in nose and mouth, tasty aftertaste with kick and duration. Certainly, one of the most note- worthy Greek wines in its category. € 8.50 rosé 150 ml CRATER Samos island, Aegean sea Vakakis Wines / Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains - Avgoustiatis / 2020 Off-dry pale rose from Ampeloessa Samos, a gentle union of white petite grain Muscat, with the allowed red variety of western Greece, Avgoustiatis. Caramel, rose and ripe peach aromas, fine flavour, with refreshing acidity and alluring aftertaste. € 5.00 AVGOUSTIATIS NATURE Zakynthos island, Ionian sea Oenos Nature / Avgoustiatis / 2020 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites Zakynthos (Zante) has a great tradition in wine as witnessed from the historical archives recorded by the Venetians. Each family produced its own wine and the island also served as a refuelling port, for the ships travelling the mediterranean sea. The foremost red variety of the island is Avgoustiatis, with the good grapes coming mostly from mountainous terrain vine- yards. A gastronomic rose, with complex forest fruit aromas, dried plums and herbal hints. Well rounded in the mouth, gentle tannins, lasting aftertaste. € 6.50 MAVROPATRINO Lefkada island, Ionian sea Syflogo / Mavropatrino / 2020 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites In the small family winery Syflogo in Lefkada, viticulture and wine are handed down through the generations, dealing exclu- sively with local varieties, following vinification protocols of non intervention. “Free” wines, constantly evolving in the glass. Young Bill revives the unknown variety of Mavropatrino, which gives a rustic character, nightflower and red fruit aromas, volup- tuous and rich aftertaste. Rare and different from the usual rose it will definitely leave good memories. € 6.00 From the great vintage of 2019, under the oenologist’s Mrs Kiki Akriotou watchful care, from vines in central Greece, we recom- mend that you try at € 2.50 per glass at 150 ml: ELLE (white) / Savatiano - Assyrtiko - Muscat / 12,5% vol LUI (red) / Merlot - Syrah / 13% vol red 150 ml DAFNIOS Heraklio, Crete island Douloufakis Winery / Liatiko / 2018 Wines from the Liatiko variety (of July) have characteristics of the warm Cretan climate and early ripening. Established wine- maker Nickos Douloufakis introduces a pleasant everyday red, with ripe fruit aromas and soft tannins. € 4.50 RAPSANI Rapsani-Larissa, Thessaly Konstantinos Liapis / Xinomavro - Krasato - Stavroto / 2017 Low intervention, low sulfites Vine grower Konstantinos Liapis presents an exemplary Rapsani vinification. Small, scattered parcels of vineyard, old un grafted vines as well as newer plantations, in the shadow of Olympus and the aura of Thermaikos. Xinomavro binds the local varieties of Krasato and Stavroto harmonically, producing aromas of black fruit, smoke and leather. Medium body, full flavour, pleas- ant, long aftertaste. € 6.00 ARALE Ikaria island, Aegean sea Karimalis Winery / Fokiano - Mandilaria / 2017 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites Legend names Ikaria as the birthplace of Dionysos. Αlso the place of origination of the famed Pramnian wine, mentioned by Plato, Dimosthenis and Aristofanes. Rustic Arale comes from the classic union of red varieties of eastern Mediterranean and has a full body and rich flavour. € 5.50 PHΕLLOé Achaia, Peloponesse Tetramythos Winery / Mavrodaphne - Mavro Kalavritino - Agiorgitiko / 2019 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites A gastronomic red wine of limited production from the village of Seliana in eastern mountainous Aegialeia. Seliana coincides with ancient Phell ó e, a small town that, according to Pausanias (ancient traveler of the 2 nd century AD, famous for his work De- scription of Greece) was “adept at growing grapevines”. In the Metochi area, near the Byzantine monastery of the 16th century, people without land would historically cultivate the vines of the monastery and give part of the harvest to the monks for the use of it. All the grapes (single vineyard of 3 acres) are harvested and vinified together. Aromatic profile consisting of delicate flowers, dried herbs, forest fruit and menthol. Velvety feel, silky smooth tannins and long aftertaste. € 9.00 (also available at 75ml for € 5.00) ALTARE DOGLIANI Piemonte, Italy Nicolas Altare / Dolcetto / 2018 Natural fermentation, minimum sulfites Hailing from famed Piemonte, an area giving us the best red wines of Italy, the variety Dolcetto is light and playful, in contrast with the sturdy and complex Nebbiolo and Barbera. There, a young Nicholas Altare (5th generation of viticulturists) in 2015 started his own line of wine and instantly gained acceptance and recognition. His recommendation, is fermented and aged in cement tanks, has ruby colour, medium body, freshness characterised by rich aromas of red and black fruit, silky tannins and tasty aftertaste. € 7.50 dessert 75 ml NOPERA VINTAGE 2014 Samos island, Aegean sea Nopera Wines / Muscat Blanc à Petits Grains / 2014 Samos -the beautiful island of Pythagoras, is renowned all over the globe for its sweet Muscat. In Nopera’s version, after harvest the grapes are sun dried for four days, in order to get dehydrated and then are left for 19 months, in French oak barrels.Aromas of apricot, bergamot, honey and elegant floral notes. Concentrated flavour with excellent balance of acidity and sweetness. An ode to gastronomic delight! € 8.00 Consumption of products outside this menu is not allowed in these premises.