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13 amazing things to do in Athens

As one of the world’s oldest cities, there’s no surprise at the sheer amount of things to do in Athens – the destination is a master of reinvention. After a dark decade on the brink of Grexit, Athens has morphed into southern Europe’s capital of cool. Long weekenders are swooping in to check out the exciting food scene and check into the new wave of cool hotels in Athens. Artists and designers are settling in for good, lured by affordable rents, the promise of sunshine, and an anarchic spirit where you don’t have to play by the rules. There’s nothing orderly about Athens: traffic is chaotic, life is messy, the architecture a mash-up of Byzantine and Bauhaus, neoclassical and nondescript. The Parthenon still dominates the skyline – and will forever be one of the key things to do in Athens – but for most Athenians the antiquities embedded among tightly packed apartment blocks are an afterthought. It’s in the graffitied backstreets and café-lined squares, the factories converted into galleries, bars hidden in arcades, and secret coves for skinny dipping where the heartbeat of Athens is racing. Beyond the classics, these are the best things to do in Athens.

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    July 6, 2022

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    Condé Nast

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Written / 13 amazing things to do in Athens

10. Hit the bottle

The days when Greek wine meant cheap retsina served in a tin jug and priced by the kilo are long gone. Greek wines are winning global accolades, but most wineries have low yields which means you won’t find them in your local off-licence. Try them at Heteroclito, where well-priced wines by the glass are served with Levantine meze from Feyrouz, purveyor of the city’s finest street food…