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Sauvignon Blanc Aidarinis 2017


Sauvignon Blanc Aidarinis 2017

Aidarinis family cultivates the intensively aromatic Sauvignon Blanc grapes in proprietary vineyards on the hillsides of Mount Paikos in Goumenissa.

Intense aromas of tropical fruit with light herbaceous notes, a burst of green fruit on the palette, while the crisp acidity balances perfectly with the rich body with lingering aftertaste.

Purchase from our cellar at a discount of 13%, from September 21st to September 30th *.


September 21-30, 2018


Aidarin Winery, Goumenissa Kilkis


10,00 €

Extra Info

The Aydarini family is a living part of Goumenissa's wine tradition, since the 19th century.

* The offer is valid, until stocks are exhausted.

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