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Spotted by Locals

  • Ημερομηνία

    19 Ιουλίου, 2013

  • Press

    Spotted by Locals

  • Writer

    by Aigli Andritsopoulou

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Έγραψαν / Spotted by Locals

Heteroclito – Finest wine varieties in Athens

It’s Thursday afternoon in mid April, the center of Athens hits record-breaking high temperatures and I am walking down Ermou St. heading to a friend’s workplace near Mitropoleos Square. As I passed by Fokionos St. I decided to take a shortcut and, for a minute, enjoy the cool breeze going through the small stone-paved pedestrian street. A pleasant surprise called Heteroclito was waiting for me at the end of Petraki St.

Heteroclito is a unique of its kind wine bar in the centre of Athens and it takes its name from the Greek word “ετερόκλητο” which means varied. It is the perfect place for tasting the products of Greek vineyards and the finest of all the different local varieties. Combine a glass of red aromatic wine VOROINOS from Heraclion, Crete with a variety of award-winning Greek cheeses and you will experience an unparalleled gastronomic blast!

In the summertime you can enjoy your glass (or bottle -why not?) of wine on the lovely Pedestrian Street where small tables are placed creating an enchanting scenery.